Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bully-Proofing Our Youth

Jim Bisenius will be presenting "Bully-Proofing Our Youth" on Oct 18. 7 pm in the high school auditorium. The parent anti-bullying training will cover exactly how to teach your child to respond to verbal bullying, physical bullying, social bullying, and group manipulation. Parents will walk away with concrete tools that they can immediately implement and help their child master in order to eliminate bullying from his or her life. Participants will learn specifically how “popular” bullies isolate, control and manipulate their peers. Then they will learn exactly what steps their son or daughter must take to stop them. In addition, parents will be able to use all of these techniques in their own life to deal with controlling or intimidating adults. The parent presentation is approximately 90 minutes long. Everyone is invited!

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