Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inside our classrooms

This week I have spent a lot of time inside our classrooms. It is exciting to see all of the activities, lessons, and learning taking place. Our students are very busy throughout the day accomplishing a variety of tasks and learning new material. I was really excited to hear the choir. Currently there are over 70 students participating in the high school choir. I recorded a short clip to provide a glance of what to expect this winter.

I also spent time visiting Mr. Tocheff's Spanish 1 classroom. Learning a foreign language is not easy. But there are a variety of ways to ensure student learning is taking place. In the picture below students are using a white board and dry erase markers to write in Spanish the sentence or phrase stated verbally in English by Mr. Tocheff. Students are practicing and using the foreign language while receiving immediate feedback from the teacher. In the education world we call this a formative assessment.  

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